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Commercial & Domestic Customer Terms & Conditions (please see F.A.Q's section where terms & conditions also apply) - Please Note: For Training & Monitoring Purposes all calls/conversations are recorded. Please Note: We are now taking bookings during COVID-19 under certain conditions - please enquire.

Booking, Payments & Cancellations

By making your booking you accept the Terms & Conditions of U.K. Floor Sanding as set out herein and accept liability or risk where appropriate. Please note: Certain works and especially commercial works (but not limited to) may be passed to our sister company when extended resources and/or timeframes are required, in this event, your quote will include V.A.T. and the details of this can be given on request. Any issues with these Terms & Conditions following the booking date of the work should be detailed in writing to the email address detailed below and any notification should be made before or as soon after the date of the booking has been made, as possible and at least 7 days before the work is due to take place. Without delaying payment (due on completion of the work or sooner). It is your responsibility as the customer to ensure invoices are paid in full on the day of completion either in cash, cheque, bank transfer or payment by credit card or debit card. If you or the payee is not available during the course of the day, then it is your responsibility to ensure that persons are made available to satisfy the payment as required. If you or the payee is not available during the course of the day to inspect and approve the works, then it is your responsibility to ensure that persons are made available to satisfy the payment as required. Any issue in relation to any aspect of the work, should be reported to our office within 7 days of the completion of the work for consideration by a director. This will be dealt with as promptly as reasonably possible.

Cancellations made before 7 days of the booking date will not incur a charge however this will result in the loss of your deposit. If a cancellation is made within 7 days of the booking date, then 50% payment will be required and cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking date will require a 75% payment to be made.

If works proceed on the date(s) booked, full payment is due on day of completion or in the case where special offer pre-payment discounts are concerned, at least 7 days before the booking date of any work. You are expected to make arrangements for payment as we leave the job without the need for us to re-visit to collect payment. Re-visits to collect payment may incur an additional charge. Special credit arrangements may be made strictly for commercial customers where a Company Credit Application has been made and our checks have been approved and payment has been pre-agreed within 30 days from the date of our invoice, before the official order has been placed. A written Official Order is required in these instances to act as an official order, before work commences. In this instance our terms of payment are strictly 30 days of which supersedes any payment terms set by our customers. N.B. All non-commercial work is strictly payment on completion of the work, even when the customer is a director of a company or companies.

Scheduled dates may be subject to unexpected change.

Payment may be made by cash, bank transfer, cheque or Credit/Debit card. A 10% discount will be given with Online Pre-Payments that are booked before a minimum of 7 days before the date of the work. However, there is a minimum charge of £380 per room.

Floor Sealing & Maintenance

In domestic environments, 2 or 3 coats of lacquer/oil are standard, depending upon the products, type of surface and the level of footfall. Additional coats can be applied upon request or may be recommended and will be charged for accordingly in addition to the original quotation.

Lacquer longevity is dependent on traffic, conditions and maintenance procedures used by you, our customer.

We recommend maintaining your floor with professional maintenance products only. It is agreed that U.K. Floor Sanding accepts no responsibility or liability of any floor, for the ongoing maintenance of the floor unless a maintenance contract is undertaken with U.K. Floor Sanding.

Professional maintenance products and a maintenance program is available from U.K. Floor Sanding, please go to 'BUY SUPPLIES ONLINE'


ONLINE-MAINTENANCE. Please enquire at the telephone number shown at the bottom of this page, for more information. The frequency of maintenance is dependent upon certain factors and you will be advised accordingly. A book is available online or in hard copy form free of charge to all U.K. Floor Sanding customers.

Lacquers are generally touch dry in 1-3 hours, oils in 8 hours and waxes 4-6 hours. We will apply the number of coats as specified by the manufacturer of the lacquer used. Usually, this is a 2 coat system for oils and a 3 coat system for water based lacquers although please note, this can vary from one specific type of lacquer to another. We will proceed with the number of lacquers required without necessarily notifying you of the detail of this process. If you, the customer wishes to implement any monitoring process, i.e. to check number of coats or to check the general finish in between coats, during the coating element of the work, then it is the customers responsibility to notify us of this in writing before the work commences, (or at least the lacquering commences), and we will then make arrangements with our workers, otherwise we will proceed regardless with the full coating process. The standard lacquer used has a satin finish and this will be used unless you notify us otherwise before the job commences. The choices of finish are matt, satin and gloss and the levels of sheen vary in line with the description. We cannot be held responsible for these levels of sheen on the basis that some floors will appear to be shinier than others based on the level of light in that room. This is also considered to be subjective in that what is 'shiny' to one person may not be 'shiny to another. It is the client's responsibility to make arrangements as necessary to avoid contact with lacquers whilst drying and during curing time. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that adequate ventilation is created and is possible whilst works take place as we cannot be held responsible for inadequate ventilation or any damage to items or persons or pets or animals as a result of. In the event that solvent based products are used, then this will increase the fume level and whilst in principle, this should dissipate following the approximate 1 hour drying time, the fumes can be still present a long as the following day or longer. We do ask that as much ventilation is allowed in this event and appropriate steps taken by you. If, as a result of poor sealing or compromise by way of cracked or unsealed brickwork, cavity or chimney breast/flu or otherwise to adjoining properties, causes the smell to travel to another property, then we cannot be held responsible for the integrity or lack of integrity of the structure of your building and more-so, we would suggest that you consult a structural engineer to inspect the property as similarly, fumes from an accidental fire would affect your neighbours. In the event that such a situation does occur, we accept no liability whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of, either to yourselves as our customer or to any neighbouring property. If the customer wishes to be present at the property, then they should position themselves away from the work environment. Your manager on-site will be happy to answer any questions you have and we kindly ask that these questions are grouped at the start, mid or end of the day as frequent questions throughout the day can sometimes distract our workers from the job in hand and potentially compromise or delay your work. Every reasonable effort will be made to complete the works on time , however because of the nature of the work and the numerous potential varying factors that can affect the efficiency of the work, we cannot guarantee work will be completed as originally advised - we hope you appreciate this and would please ask not to hesitate to ask your manager should anything urgent arise or alternatively, please call our offices. No liability whatsoever will be accepted in regard to the customer, or their friends or relatives being affected at all by the work process. It is also the customers responsibility to make arrangements with children and/or pets to be removed from the work area and surrounding areas, whilst the works take place and if required, following works whilst the evaporation process takes place. Please do not ask our workers to 'pet-sit' or 'baby-sit' or look after the welfare of any animal, pet, family member or person as we strictly cannot accept responsibility for any loss as a result of failing to do so. If we have to return to the site after completion date to continue with remedial works or to carry out any correctional work, then the same conditions apply as above. Any correctional work required must be reported to us in writing within 7 days of the original completion date of the work. In this event, it is agreed that the customer(s) allows a representative of our company visit and re-enter the property to fully inspect the floor, view and assess any issues claimed. Once all issues have been reviewed and consideration given in this regard, if accepted, we should be allowed to carry out the remedial works and the customer should make suitable and reasonable arrangements for this to be made possible within a period of 30 days from the original completion date of the work. In the event that the area is not accessible within this period, then the full payment due is to be made on completion of works whilst we await the pending re-works date. It is the client's responsibility to remove all items/property of value from the work area and vicinity. Clients are ultimately responsible for items left within or stored outside the property. This includes rooms we are working in and any adjoining areas.

U.K. Floor Sanding will aim for 100% satisfaction, however hand applied seals may not show complete uniformity and this should be considered acceptable as the existing floor surface has normally aged and therefore has been subjected to previous levels of traffic and/or damage and therefore cannot be considered new. We will always do our utmost to create the best finish we can achieve but this may not be as new or as a new factory finish. Recoating at client's request to attempt a more 'finished' result can be arranged but not guaranteed. This is chargeable as any charge to you is based on current lacquer manufacturers recommendations. In the vast majority of cases this is more than sufficient to provide a high level of finish.

Lacquers require 3-7 days for full curing to take place. Care should be taken when replacing furniture prior to this time. U.K. Floor Sanding cannot be held liable for marking to floors after any work is complete, (or during works if these marks are not caused by ourselves) although, at our discretion, we may offer to assist in resolving any (non-fault - U.K. Floor Sanding) issues either by additional charge or, depending on the amount of work involved, by not charging. Please note: Any works carried out under this arrangement is strictly at our discretion.

U.K. Floor Sanding reserves the right to change job specification as necessary in order to provide the most appropriate finish for floor.

The Floor Sanding Process

It is the client's responsibility to ensure rooms are completely empty of furniture and other tradesmen and clear of debris and other materials at the commencement of our work and during the course of the work and the drying time thereafter. Any damage to the floor after it is complete is customers responsibility. The moving of furniture before, during or after the work is not included in your price. We can in certain circumstances move furniture if arranged prior to works commencing. A charge will be made for this service - please enquire to confirm costs and at least 7 days before the work commences if required. In the event that furniture is not removed from site by the customer and the customer is not present, or if the customer is present, but we are still required to move furniture in order to carry out the work, then a charge will be made in this respect. Regardless whether the customer is present or not, in the interests of satisfying the order and not cancelling the job, it is agreed and acceptable to the customer, to move the furniture or furnishings and if the moving of the furniture exceeds 20 minutes, then a charge be applied at the current rate. Please note: Any items that are considered particularly awkward or heavy will result in a charge regardless of how much time is taken to move the furniture / item. The items will be moved to an area that we deem to be appropriate and in a manner that is deemed to be suitable however, in this event it is agreed that no liability will be accepted as a result of any damage whatsoever that is caused to the furniture or furnishings resulting from the move or position. In the event that any furniture is moved either by ourselves or jointly with ourselves and the customer or by ourselves as agreed with the customer, then it is accepted that any damage caused to the furniture or any other item is not our responsibility. Occasionally, furniture will be moved to outside areas to allow us to carry out the works. Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in doing this or any resulting damage caused by adverse weather conditions that may affect the condition of any furniture or other items. There is no insured cover in this regard and you should be accepting of this as part of our work. Any time over and above 15 minutes for room preparation and/or furniture removal will be charged accordingly in addition to the price that you have been quoted, but please be aware that even when charged, the same conditions apply above.

If rooms are not left empty, U.K. Floor Sanding cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs during removal of furniture or any other items within or outside the property. Our sanding process is usually between 95%-100% dust free. However, in certain circumstances, additional amounts of dust will be produced where we have to use hand sanding or make repairs or when the specific nature of the work demands a more brutal approach and a more coarse abrasive than usual approach is required. We are continually commended for our tidyness and lack of dust and whilst this may be the case, the removal of bitumen or paint or other residual products present on the floor can create increased levels of dust or vapour. Therefore, increased levels of dust could be created in this instance and you, the customer are required to be accepting of this possibility. This applies not only to the room in which the work is being carried out, but also to any adjacent room(s) that could be affected by it. We are not insured to cover this and cannot accept responsibility for this, therefore, you should remove any items of value that may be potentially affected by this and position these items in a safe environment away from the work area(s) or passage to the work area(s).

Chandeliers - The above advice applies particularly in the case where chandeliers type light fittings are present in the area we are working in. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to light fittings or for any cleaning process that may be required following our work. Please kindly note that we are unable to bag up or sheet hanging light fittings as we need the lights on whilst we are working and the heat from the bulbs would melt any sheeting. Therefore, we ask you to take into account that some cleaning may be required or, alternatively, please arrange for the light fittings to be taken down prior to our arrival (and replaced with a temporary standard bulb).

The number of workers on a job does not affect the price of a job. We may offer or be asked how many workers are likely to be on a particular job and we may give an indication of this, however, the experience, age and speed of workers does vary and as a result, the number of workers may change either higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned. In the same, we may give an indication of the timing of the work. This may vary according to which and what actual workers are designated to a job (we may not be able to determine this exactly at the earlier time of discussion) and timing can also be affected by humidity, degree of residual surface grime or damage to remove, drying time of the lacquer due to temperature etc. etc. In the same, we do not charge extra if the work takes longer (unless more work has been added in any way), nor do we reduce the agreed price if the work is done earlier. It must be understood that you are in agreement with this. Although due care and diligence will be exercised by U.K. Floor Sanding, due to nature of machine work and the requirement to sometimes angle the machinery in accordance with the floor levels, decoration and skirting may be liable to marking. Please note we can not accept the cost for any remedial work required to repair or replace these areas.

U.K. Floor Sanding cannot be held liable for marking nor the cost of redecoration. In the interests of creating a uniform finish, floors may require sanding more in some areas than others and this is usually due to changes in the level of wear, staining or some form of residual product or scratch that is required to be sanded. Whilst every effort is made to sand a minimum amount from the surface of the floor, no liability can be accepted should floor levels alter or undulate or the amount of wood sanded alter as a result of carrying out this procedure. Every effort will be made to improve any errors or improve what we consider to be lower standards of sanding that have been created previously by other 3rd party floor sanding companies. It may not necessarily be practical to notify you of these improvements as it is usually more efficient to carry out the improvement instantly whilst carrying out the general floor sanding works at that time. Anything that requires an amount of time which will involve an additional cost will require us to notify you of this prior to carrying out the work. If you are not available to be notified at that immediate time, then the improvement in question may not be completed. It is not always possible to improve the errors of other floor sanding works completely and on this basis in no way do we accept that we have inherited the error or the lower standard of sanding that has created the situation where we attempt to improve it. It is agreed that sufficient wood surface is supplied to us to carry out our works and that we are not held responsible for any shortfall in this regard i.e. end of sand/maintenance cycles. This also applies even if we are asked to carry out ongoing maintenance of a floor. It is agreed that we are not responsible for any resulting condition on an aged floor sub-structure (as in, not new). It is agreed that if repair work is carried out and new or reclaimed flooring is fitted, then we cannot guarantee the resulting colour of the wood when it is varnished. In the same, we cannot guarantee an exact match in wood type or size. Please also note that different fixing methods are likely to be used opposed to aged traditional methods and as a result there can be variants in the movement/settlement of the floor at a later time. Please be aware that the process of sanding your floor involves the removal of the top layer of any existing varnish and wood from the floor. We remove only what is required to achieve the best possible result. Areas of previous high traffic may require more sanding and any areas surrounding that may need to be 'feathered' in to minimise the transitional changes in levels. If any area of the floor is such that the thickness or integrity of the floor has been compromised in any way, it is agreed that you are accepting of this based upon us not being able to realistically ascertain exactly which areas of the floor have a suitable quantity or thickness of wood for the job in hand. Adverse affects resulting from insufficient thicknesses of wood mean that the specific area(s) in question have come to the considered 'end of life' for that area of the floor, floor sanding wise. We also are not aware which areas of a floor have been sanded previously either by DIY enthusiasts, homeowners or other floor sanders and therefore we cannot qualify their quality of workmanship or how many times the floor has been sanded. Any staining or inherent and adverse product, bleaching, colouring, damp, moisture effect or rotting of the wood in any way, that has become apparent in the wood, is not our responsibility nor is it our responsibility to correct. It is not always possible for us to detect any imperfections prior or during the work, nor are we employed to do so within this contract, although we will always notify you should any adversities in this regard be noticed. Our services to you are limited to providing A Process of Sanding and Sealing your wooden floors and this is what this contract encompasses and what you have been charged for. In this, we in no way guarantee a perfect, uniform or structurally sound finish and the structure, colour, staining and integrity of the wooden floor itself and any other adverse effects of the floor itself is owned and is the responsibility of the owner to accept or remedy at their own cost. It is the customers responsibility to provide a wooden floor that is suitable for sanding and varnishing. In this the thickness of the wood should be significant enough to withstand the sanding process and be able to withstand the additional sanding process required in areas where more significant sanding is required i.e. in areas that are more worn or show more damage than the other areas and therefore require more sanding. We cannot determine the thickness of wood and for these reasons cannot accept responsibility for any adverse affects whatsoever brought about by the sanding process i.e. the wood moves, or the gaps increase or the wood becomes more flexible or more 'bounce' is created in the wood as a result of. In the case of engineered wood, we are not able to determine what thickness of the top surface remains and is to be sanded - this thickness will vary depending on the type and speciation of the wood, if it has been sanded before or wearing down as a result of general use. Our primary objective is to remove or reduce top surface wear therefore we are not responsible for any adversities brought about following sanding but due to undulations on the sub-floor not apparent prior to sanding. Any adverse affects of the floor as a result of our conditions not being met by the customer, will be the responsibility of the customer and this includes any affects by the customer's other tradesmen. We may be able to assist in this regard at an additional cost, but we do not offer any guarantee in being able to do so, and in such an event, the owner may be required to employ alternative contractors to overcome the adverse effects that require a resolution. Either way, we in no way accept any responsibility for the correction of these adverse effects and monies agreed with us for the original work carried out, in the sanding and varnishing as well as any other extras, stand and are payable to us as originally agreed and with immediate effect. Every effort is made for us to achieve the highest level of floor finish possible however depending on the particular floor this can be achieved to varying degrees and for numerous reasons outside our control all works instructed should be accepting of this. With these finishes in mind we cannot be held responsible if the resulting texture or look of the floor is not as expected and/or not as smooth as expected. Equally, if a floor is too smooth, we cannot be held responsible for it. If it is a condition within a household or commercial property for person(s) to walk on the floor without shoes or other gripped footwear, then it is your (the owners) responsibility to ensure special precautions and provisions are implemented to avoid slippage. It is accepted by all person(s) instructing us to carry out works, that in no way are we responsible in the unlikely event any slips, trips or falls of any kind, occur on floors that we have refinished. Whilst we only use British Standard approved, specific flooring lacquer/oil products nor cannot guarantee how anti-slip the product itself will be.

Our Hours of Work

Where possible, our hours of work on site, are usually, 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday. (Office Hours 8am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri. However, work can be undertaken outside of these hours by prior arrangement. The exact times required to carry out works cannot be determined as each floor is individual and the levels of contamination present in a pre-existing floor cannot be determined until such a time that the work is carried out. For example, it may not be evident until such a time when the floor has reached a certain stage of sanding, that additional sanding is required to remove unforeseen staining. Whilst, in most cases we do not alter our agreed price, more time is often required to undertake this additional work and therefore provisions should be made and allowed for, should this situation transpire. Seldom does this happen however, if this situation creates excessive periods of time, we may ask for additional cost to cover the stain removal - we will discuss this with you and request your approval before continuing with the stain removal, should this happen.

Wooden Floor Gap Filling

We can guarantee that we use specific wood floor filling products, that are recognised and established within the industry, and that no P.V.A. or glue mixes are used to satisfy this process. In certain circumstances however, and due to the sometimes extensive natural movement of wood, the deterioration of wood, compromises in the previous fitting of the wood, the general quality and consistency of the wood and natural movement of a sub-floor, the filling itself cannot be guaranteed and can fail at any time. This is more likely to happen when the timber tongue & groove has been compromised, or if the timber is plank and not a tongue & groove design or in the event that a void or a possibility that air pockets are present beneath the wood. This becomes evident when refills are carried out and the voids or air pockets cause the filler to continually seep through. This is a compromise in the substrate and/or the pre-existing wood and is not the responsibility of U.K. Floor Sanding. We will however undertake to refill where necessary (spot fill) up to 3 times to help establish this, after which any fall through or seep through will be deemed as an inappropriate substrate of which we will not be held responsible for. Full payment would be required in the event of this occurring at the time of the work or in the unlikely event of any time later. Although not ideal, post-works filling can be achieved with a water based silicone product, although no guarantee can be given on the achieved finish.

Floor Sanding & Repairs

Minor repairs will be made as necessary to make a good floor surface unless otherwise instructed by you, our customer. Sub-structure repairs will only be made upon instruction by you, our customer. It is the customer's responsibility to supply a floor that is fit for purpose and fit for the sanding work requested to us. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the floor is suitable for the work to be carried out upon and safe to do so. Any injury in this regard due to an unreasonable level of safety that results in injury to our workforce may be claimed via the customers insurers. The floor should be fit for the purposes of sanding. Any floor that appears to be wood that later is found not to be wood as a result of the sanding of it cannot be adversely claimed against U.K. Floor Sanding. It is agreed that U.K. Floor Sanding will not be held responsible for not identifying that a floor that appears to be wood is in fact NOT wood or is a veneered or laminated version of wood. Similarly, it is also agreed that the remaining 'life' of a floor or the degree of wood remaining on the floor in order for it to be sanded is not our responsibility and no liability will be accepted in this regard. This is particularly important in aged floors where we would be unable to determine the sanding works taken place previously and the levels/depths of wood remaining on the surface. Whilst every effort is made to improve the look of the wood, we are not responsible for any existing imperfections on the floor or in the wood. These imperfections may not be noticeable until a time after the floor has been sanded or after it has been varnished. It is agreed that the quality, soundness and/or integrity of the wood is not our responsibility. Cancellation of work on finding any imperfections will still incur the originally agreed charge or the originally agreed charge less the material cost element not used.

An estimate of any repair costs can, upon request, be made prior to undertaking work. This is estimated on an hourly basis and an estimation of hours can be given but not guaranteed. Actual total cost of repair is only available when repairs have been completed. All repairs are recorded on job sheet. The rate given is based on a rate per man, per hour, with a minimum of 1 working hour. Repairs taking up to 15 minutes will not be charged for. Works may be delayed or cancelled if such paid repairs are not agreed by the time of carrying out the works. It is accepted that no liability or damages are the responsibility of U.K. Floor Sanding as a result of any delays or cancellations in this regard.

Supply of reclaimed timber is in accordance with market availability. Sourcing the timber is charged at £30 per hour per person and therefore we usually advise that you the customer, source any timber that is required. In the event that we source the timber, it is usually ordered by us online and whilst this may prove to be more cost effective for you, the same degree of checking is not implemented and as the timber is obviously reclaimed, we cannot guarantee that all sections of the timber will be considered appropriate or in good order, so some waste should be expected and the cost of this accounted for. Any additional timber required because of this or because of excessive wastage will be the responsibility of you, the customer. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that you source your own timber to help eliminate this possibility, should this situation transpire and likely to become problematic in any way.

Reclaimed timber cannot be guaranteed to be the same colour as existing timber.

Wooden Floor Colouring

All colour samples are representative of the colour and does not necessarily indicate how every area of the floor will look and may vary due to individual conditions. This includes variations that can occur with a colour depending on wood type, and/or actual differing behaviour of the colour on different pieces of wood that form part of the floor.

Samples of the colour indicated by the customer are usually given. Once a colour has been agreed, verbally or otherwise, any changes will be chargeable at full job rate. Once the initial samples have been given which is ordinarily approxiamately 4 to 5 samples, any further samples required thereafter will be charged, usually at a rate of £30 per man, per hour plus the cost of additional coloured material samples required to create the samples.

It is the client's responsibility to check colour at moment of application.

Re-colouring or resampling will be chargeable at full job rate .

Samples can be provided and agreed beforehand. However, if client is not present at time of application, subsequent alterations will still be charged at full job rate.

When applying colouring (or stain), it has to be applied at a certain speed and flow - this avoids over-build of colour and enables us to maintain consistency. The floor area is considered to be the area where any footfall can occur. Gaps beneath skirting boards where the floor proceeds is not deemed as floor area as is any other area that limits the accessibility to those areas (i.e. low level shelves, low level radiators, low level units etc.) and whilst we will endeavour to reach these areas with colour, there is no guarantee that this will be satisfied with any degree of consistency or reached at all. Our objective is to sand and/or colour every area required and we will do our utmost to satisfy this wherever these areas are accessible. Where there are gaps beneath skirting boards, these areas are not always accessible or at least not accessible at the 'flow rate' required to maintain a consistent volume of colour or stain. Time spent attempting to acces these areas can compromise the consistency of colour on the main floor and these areas therefore may not be reasonably accessible. As a result, these areas are not considered as being a reasonably accessible area of the floor and may need to missed from the colouring process. However, in an attempt to cover all areas beneath the skirting boards at the flow rate required, we may be required to 'push' the colour into the corner and in doing so may be mark the skirting board during colouring. In the event that this happens, allowances should be made for this as U.K. Floor Sanding cannot be held liable for marking or redecoration. Complete uniformity is not guaranteed when hand colouring and finishing a floor. Matching colours cannot be guaranteed nor can the eventual shade, tone, depth or variant as this will differ based upon the type, age, condition, humidity level and area of the tree from where the wood relates to. Please note: Any quotation for floor colouring does not apply when enquring regarding white/grey colouring. The process for white/grey colouring differs from that of all other staining processes and you should direct your enquiry to our office by phone or email and request a job specific white/grey quotation.

Electrical Supply

Sanding machinery requires 240v in ready supply although we will use RCD breakers where required. It is the client's responsibility to ensure their power supply is in safe, good and appropriate condition to undertake the work. Please ensure that the power points are regularly situated within the room that we are working on. The maximum length of our cables is limited to 25 metres in order to maintain full and regular power to the machines. Please also ensure that there is a minimum 32watt power outage available from your RCD situated on your Consumer Unit (fuse box). Older properties tend to be more susceptible to this being deficient. Appropriate lighting is critically required in each room and the rooms required to access the rooms that are being worked in. You should ensure that this is appropriately supplied as failure to do so may result in the work having to be cancelled and a charge up to 75% value of the total will be incurred. Heating is required in the rooms in which we are working. This is to ensure that reasonable drying times are maintained when the floors are being stained or varnished. Insufficient heating may result in a cost attached to cover the costs involved in us creating a heat supply or the additional time required to allow for the coats of lacquer to dry. Ordinarily, lacquers take between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours to dry and this time can multiply without sufficient heating and ventilation. Please ensure suitable ventilation is available.

WC facilities

WC facilities are required to be made available to our workers.

Other facilities

Water, heating and ventilation should be provided to enable an efficient working practice. Ideally, we would request that any windows that have been painted shut are released and made possible to open.

There may be a requirement for an area outside of the main property to be made available for tool/equipment storage.

Smoke alarms

In residential properties, you, our customer, is required to cover smoke alarms during the duration of the sanding process.

In commercial properties, smoke alarms should be disabled for the duration of the sanding process by you, our customer.

Access Keys and Burglar Alarm Systems

In the event that you require us to enter the property ourselves, you may be required to provide keys to access your property and any alarm codes that are needed to disable any security systems. Please note that any keys that are required to be kept overnight are kept in our safe and any burglar alarm codes are disposed of upon completion of works. PLEASE NOTE: The work we undertake requires us to maneuver large, heavy and awkward plant machinery. It also requires us to maneuver hazardous chemicals including acid catalysers. We are not insured or permitted to maneuver these items in a public environment and we do require the provision to place a vehicle within the compounds of a site in order for us to have access to the goods / materials during the course of the work. The size of the work to be completed will determine the quantity of vehicles required to do this however one vehicle is, on most occasions sufficient. On occasions where no enclosed compound facility is available for the duration of the works, then we would request that we are able to access this area for unloading and that we are given a locked 'safe room' where we are able to store the goods. In the event where there is no compound to use or that we are forced to cross the path of potential members of the public, then we must be able to position a vehicle as close to the site as possible, we must also surround the vehicle with barriers including a non public accessible 'path' down the side and back of the vehicle to maneuver the goods and for their to be a U.K. Floor Sanding supervisor or authorised personnel present to ensure that appropriate clearances are achieved when the goods are passed to the site area. We may need permission from the local council in order to do this and this may affect starting/finishing times.

Rubbish Removal

Standard rubbish removal is included in job price unless otherwise stated. Old carpet removal or other surface product is charged at £2 per square metre and carpet grippers removed at £1.50 per linear metre. Underlay is charged at £1.00 per metre for removal.


Voucher Offer:This offer strictly expires on the date as shown and ALL initial job booking dates have to be confirmed within this period. The actual initial work booking date must be carried out, must be within 3 months from the offer expiration date. Written Terms & Conditions are available on request. This voucher must be produced for this offer to be valid. Applicable to only one property per voucher. This voucher can be transferred to a third party as long as an initial order is made with us, however for verification purposes, details of the initial voucher receiver will be required. Buff & Re-Coats claims must satisfy a £1000 Minimum Order Value & not exceed £2000 and must be claimed & booked within 12 months from the expiration date of this voucher & will only be available on the specific set dates to be confirmed by us. No claims or liability against ourselves can be made should you be unable to book on the set dates for any reason whatsoever. Set dates will be confirmed no earlier than 2 months prior to the 12 month period following the expiration date. No exceptions will be made in this regard. All other offers included with this voucher must carry a minimum order value of £300. Orders cannot be split or joined to satisfy order values. Bespoke advice is limited to x10, 30minutes telephone advice sessions per year. Please email: info@ukfloorsanding.net for more information.

Pin-A-Stika Offer: Definitions: The 'Pin-A-Stika receiver' refers to the person advertising us on their vehicle and whom will receive commissions from any orders received. The 'Pin-A-Stika orderer', refers to the person(s) ordering work as result of seeing the advertisement on the vehicle. This offer expires strictly on the date as specified. To become a 'Pin-A-Stika receiver', please request your Pin-A-Stika Registration Form at email: stika@ukfloorsanding.net All information is held strictly in confidence and no other 3rd parties will be given this information nor will it be used for further marketing. x2 Pin-A-Stika’s will be sent to each customer, 'Pin-A-Stika receiver'. As a 'Pin-A-Stika receiver', in the unlikely event that you do not automatically receive a Pin-A-Stika, please manually request one by email. Additional Pin-A-Stika’s can be sent upon request for additional car registrations. Whilst the actual number of Pin-A-Stika’s given to any one customer is unlimited, each request for multiple supplies of Pin-A-Stika's is subject to the discretion & consideration of U.K. Floor Sanding Ltd. Full Terms & Conditions are available by request to: info@ukfloorsanding.net. This Pin-A-Sticker Offer is only available to customers (incl. pending) of U.K. Floor Sanding Stika's given to pending customer(s) who later cancel their work may result in their claim for commissions becoming void. Upon receiving your request for a Registration Form, you will be required to complete the Pin-A-Stika Registration Form and include your name, address, telephone number(s), vehicle make, model, colour, registration number and the nominated bank and bank account name, account number and sort code that you wish the commission payments to be sent to. If you wish to nominate a charity to receive your payments, then please provide as much information as possible for us to forward the funds on to. If the charity information is incorrect or incomplete, then we will send the funds to the nearest known equivalent of this. It is your responsibility to inform the Revenue & Customs of any additional earnings you may receive. Payments will be sent via cheque or bank transfer at the end of the month following that, that the work took place or on the cleared and fully satisfied receipt of funds from the person(s) ordering the work to be done ('Pin-A-Stika orderer'). Please allow 7 working days for the processing of the fund amount to reach your account. No recompense will be accepted in the result of any delay in this regard. If for any reason the monies outstanding are not received by the Pin-A-Stika receiver, then please notify us within 7 days from the date the payment falls due. Should any of the works completed for the 'Pin-A-Stika receiver' or the 'Pin-A-Stika orderer' result in any issues or discounts, or non-payments or delays in payment, then the commission figure may be affected or disallowed completely. In the event that the 'Pin-A-Stika orderer' or U.K. Floor Sanding cancels the work or par of it, for whatever reason, then the commission payment may be reduced or become void completely. Each 'Pin-A-Stika orderer can only claim the discount for one registered number plate/'Pin-A-Stika'. These Terms & Conditions are not exhaustive and will be updated regularly. For training and monitoring purposes all calls are recorded however no information is passed on to third parties. To guarantee a complete up to date version, please request a written copy by email at the following email address. Please send any written notifications to email: info@ukfloorsanding.net - You should receive a response within 2 working days otherwise, please call: 0161 300 9983. General: U.K. Floor Sanding has the pleasure to offer a whole host of free offers to all of our customers. There is no time limitation. If you are a customer of U.K. Floor Sanding, all offers are available to you. This is based on the basic following conditions. These free offers are part of an annual contribution of expenditure taken out of the profit of the company and is purely at our discretion. The following basic conditions apply: All free offers over and above the standard service of fitting, sanding, repairing, filling, staining and varnishing/lacquering wooden floors or similar or any combination of, of which you primarily ordered, is at the discretion of the directors of U.K. Floor Sanding. We are in no way obligated to make any additional free offers over and above the standard service ordered. All free offers are only valid to customers who have fully paid for their works by mutual agreement with U.K. Floor Sanding. It is at the discretion of the directors whether any free offer is valid for a job that has, for whatever reason resulted in an agreed but reduced payment(s). All free offers are strictly only available to customers that have not only paid in full but whom have done so in a timely manner i.e. payment on completion or within or as reasonably close to as possible or as agreed in writing. Our free offer(s) may only be applicable to the principle person, household, business or company whom has ordered and paid for the work to be done and not necessarily for third parties or when a job has been ordered on behalf of someone else or business or company. If for any other reason whatsoever not contained in these terms, the directors choose not to make the offer available to a particular customer(s), then the directors have the absolute right to refuse these offers. These Terms & Conditions form an agreement on works and any contract given should only be given on the basis that you or your business or company are in agreement with these Terms & Conditions. Any query or request for alteration should be made in writing and this or these requests or query should be shown to be received by U.K. Floor Sanding by way of an acknowledgement and acceptance of any alteration by us and that any alteration we agree to to be confirmed in writing by us to you, the customer.