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This question asks "Do you require staining"

The term staining is very often confused with varnishing or lacquering. Varnishing or lacquering is a clear varnish or lacquer product and is included in your price. You merely need to tell us whether you want matt, satin or gloss. No specific colour is applied of this clear varnish apart from the naturalmcolour a clear varnish bring about.  The level ofnthis changes on every floor, sonthe only real way of knowing is to test it on your floor.  If you want to do this yourself, just to give yourself an indication, do the following.: simply sand a small aea by hand if you dont have the tools and apply a small amount of clear varnish or if you dont have any varnish, do what we call, a Water Test. Just apply some water to the sample area that you have created. The water test will give you a temporary indication of what the lacquer will look like. Usually for around 20 kinutes or so, until it evaporates. Staining on the other hand is different -staining refers to the colouring of the wood over and above any colouring that the natural varnish creates. Usually, customers will be at the site  and samples can be applied to the floor for you to pick from on the day of the work. This can be done immediately, when we arrive at the site. In the event that your job involves a few days to complete, then you'll certainly have a couple of days to choose if you cant make a decision immedistely. However, if its a 1 day job, you'll be required to decide on which colour you'll want at some point on that day at some point during that morning. Staining or colouring (both are the same) is a completely separate process and is an addition to the colouring which is why you'll pay slightly more. The stain is applied to the floor, then the coats of lacquer are applied over the top of the stain. The stain gives the colour and the lacquer or varnish applies the protection to the colour and the wood.  This way, as the wears, the colour doesnt wear at the same rate. Avoid anyone offering the option to apply coloured lacquers. This will wear with the wear of the floor and the wood will show through, exposing a less durable floor.  The quality of these types of lacquers are usually inferior too.  One last point to note, the same stain can look different on different floors (although you should achive some consistancy if the different floors are the same type of wood but in the same house.  The point of this is do not rely on samples in retail outlets or similar. Dont forgrt, the colour will vary according to your wooden floor and age etc. We can guide you in this regard if you need it.