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This question asks what type of Varnish would you like? Matt, Satin or Gloss.

So far as the branding of the varnish/Lacquer is concerned, (unles you specifically request a brand), we'll advise on the most appropriate varnish for your floor.  We're experts in this field and our e-commerce section specifically sells these products to customers and other floor sanding companies.  We only use high end, commercial lacquers (even if your job is residential, we'll still use a commercial product on it)  The cost of this lcquer is significantly more expensive, but the look and durability benefits outweigh any saving on cheaper lacquers.  The cost of the lacquer is built into the cost.

As a guide to choosing the finish, Matt Satin or gloss, most will opt for a Satin.  Gloss is often a temptation as that finish can be very impressive, however unfortunately this is usually short lived.  Gloss floors are high maintenance, it willo exagerate any imperfection, it will show a lot of the footfall especially when wearing shoes, and you'll find yourself constantly bending over to re-buff any marks off.  Sometimes more succesfully than others.  In time, this can result in a neverending patchy floor. Matt on the other hand does a great job of minimising any floor imperfection or undulations and when there's a lot of light coming into the room, you still see the colour and effect of the floor, unlike a gloss where you end up with a 'GLARE' accross your floor.  The down side of matt is that sometimes it can look a little too flat, some people have asked "when are you putting the varnish on" after putting a matt on! It can look like it hasnt got any varnish on - sometimes this is a good thing, but its personal touch.  Matt Varnish/Lacquer does usually have some form of sheen albeit minimal, depending on the absorbancy of the wood.

Satin is a nice mix.  Its certainly is the most popular as it offers the advantages of both of the other options.