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This question asks "Do you require wood (wide) gap filling?

This area needs to be treated with caution.  Unless the gap in between your boards is very similar, the results often mean that the gaps also need some degree of resin fill.  This is ok, but depending on the degree of change in width variations, this can result in a very time consuming procedure that attracts additional cost.  This service is really for instances where all the gaps are of the same width (minimum 4mm upto say 6mm and a strip of timber is positioned in the gap. In reality, seldom does this happen.  More often than not, the gaps vary and you end up having a bespoke 'splinters' of wood exercise that varies ever few inches or feet or metres.  The bespoke option attracts a different cost to that of the standard wood strip, so unless you really want it and have it done AND you have sufficiant funds in your budget to accomodate it, you may choose to avoid this option and perhaps try the resin option.  The same rules apply in relation to the tongue and groove arrangement as shown in the info section of 'Resin Gap Filling' shown in our previous info section.  Be also aware that the wood used may not match your floor colour.