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Floor Sanding & Varnishing covering the UK - Floor Sanding Experts

We are a floor sanding company based in Manchester, Wilmslow & Middlewich. We offer a full Floor Sanding & Varnishing service in Manchester, Cheshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, London, Scotland and all surrounding areas nationwide.

Commercial Floor Sanding

We specialise in large area commercial floor sanding services. We cater especially for construction based properties that are undergoing major refurbishment works. We are fully versed with the latest Health & Safety obligations and our workers are fully qualified with CSCS certification.

Floor Sanding cost

Our price starts at £12 per square metre but this price is allocated more for the larger jobs. Call us for a floor sanding instant quote or simply click on the 'Floor Sanding Services tab to get an instant online quote 24/7 - 365 days a year. Your quote will also be instantly emailed over to you.

Floor Sanding & Varnishing Service - Floor Sanding Experts

We provide a dust free floor sanding service. Initially, we strip floors down to the original wood and then carry out a full floor sanding process before coating. Often we seal the floors prior to coating. Sealing is a more ‘liquid’ version of the final varnish and is applied to create a barrier between any potential contaminates with the new varnish and to act as a ‘grain filler’ and achieve a ‘grain raise’. This raise is buffed before applying the actual coats of lacquer. We specialise in sanding parquet floors and hardwood floor sanding.


Staining floors can be done at an additional cost. It is advised that stains are tested/sampled beforehand (by ourselves and approved by you, the customer) on the floor that is to be refinished. The depth of colour is largely dependent on the type and age of wood to be treated so it is imperative that the sampling does take place. Be aware that the sampling is a representation but that other boards that are naturally darker or lighter may vary proportionately. In contrast, we offer bleaching and liming (whitening) services - plese note, there can be certain adverse effects that transpire when using this method - please call for further informtion.

Bitumen Removal

Timber floor sanding sometimes involves the removal of black bitumen from your floor, usually round the perimeter of your floor. We have specialist solutions/cleaners and methods to remove this as part of the sanding process. This usually attracts a small additional charge of around £40 or so (up to 20 metres sq) depending on the size of the room. Other residual surfaces can sometimes be present over your wood floor. When this does occur, it's usually over the floors of older buildings (and more often than not, on commercial) where a number of refurbishments have taken place over a number of years and varying temporary trends have been implemented by way of carpet/vinyl or other coverings. If this is the case, these coverings can be removed albeit usually with some significant amount of work. We may advise that you implement other trades to remove these coatings and leave the actual refinishing of the wood to us. We only advise this, not because we want to turn away any further work, but because economically, there are certain minimum charges that must be implemented as a trained, specialist floor refinishing technician, something that just isn't required to remove screed or vinyl tiles etc. If this is not an option, then speak to us and we'll put together a specific pricing structure for the particular job and extent of removal.

Floor Fitting

All forms of wood floor fitting are available from strip, plank and parquet. Both engineered and solid. Your floor technician will advise what pre-fit floor preparation is most appropriate. Pre-finished and unfinished floors can be fitted.

Specialist Parquet Refinishing

We specialise in sanding hardwood floors and parquet refinishing. We have automated, dual action machinery specifically aimed at achieving no cross marks on herringbone or alternate direction wood pieces.

Special Effects

A wide range of special effects are available, including stain effects, fill effects and even grain representation. Please enquire and give as much information as possible on the effects you’d like to achieve. Again, we strongly recommend that samples are created on the timber that is to be refinished.


We use epoxy/resin based ‘bonders’ which are specifically designed to mix as a paste with the finest grade dust from the floor that is being sanded. This creates the nearest colour to that of the floor being sanded. The mixed solution is designed to expand and contract with the natural movement of the wood. Although, you should be mindful that the manufacturers of this product do not guarantee that the filler will stay in place permanently. This is not to do with the quality or integrity of the filler or its application, but more because every board, let alone every job, is different. If it does not have a tongue and groove arrangement, then there is a reasonable chance that at some point, you may get 'fall through'. If the stability of the boards themselves is not good and/or they bounce, again you may get filler breaking up in the gaps and may later vacuum out. Whilst we're told to notify our customers of this potential, rarely do problematic areas arise. We can only deduce that as the filler is lacquered, this again helps to strengthen the fill. Just be aware of the possibilities here as unfortunately, in the event that it doesn't fill long term, this is a compromise that you may have to accept and any re-fills would be charged for. Larger gaps can be ‘strip filled’ with timber however this may vary in colour slightly and incurs significantly more cost than that of a resin fill.

Repair & Replacement

We offer woodworm treatment and lift and replace areas where damage has occurred with reclaimed timber if necessary. We must be advised of this at the outset and this will attract an additional cost. The less common sizes and styles of parquet flooring that require replacement will need to be sourced by the customer, however we can give advice on where replacement pieces may be found.

Advice on Maintenance

Ask us for advice on maintenance and the do’s and don’t’s on keeping your floor at its optimum. As a customer we will also provide you with our own free maintenance advice on cleaning wooden floors book.

Maintenance Contract - floor sanding and polishing

We offer a periodic ‘Buff and Coat’ service. Please ask for further advice on this and your technician will advise you on the regularity of a maintenance contract.

Supply of Cleaning Products

We can advise you on the processes on the cleaning of your floor and supply you with the actual products (see ‘buy supplies online’) The main cleaning products are:-
1. Daily Cleaner 2. Heavy Duty Cleaner 3. Protector

Chair Protectors

Felt Pads can be installed with specific heated adhesives for the job (the adhesive on pads are not sufficient and are ineffective). A word of caution - do not use plastic or rubber protectors with nail or screw fixers.